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Vehicle Wrapping

Crafted vehicles are an a excellent way to advertise your business.

Covering your corporate fleet, is the most cost-effective way of promotion.

Corporate Fleet Vehicle Covers are implemented with Stickers (monomeric - polymeric - cast) for durability  (up to 6 years). We at art and print can guaranteed quality and application.

• Monomeric stickers are considered ideal for relatively short-term actions and only for smooth surfaces.
• Polymer stickers are the ideal solution for long-lasting actions (over 4 years), on relatively easy surfaces.
• Molded adhesives are best suited for difficult surfaces with sharp curves (internal & external), for high vehicle COD applications, for long-term operations with a life span of more than 6 years.

ART and PRINT offers up-to-date services ranging from design and photorealistic presentation to placement and implementation.

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